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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Chronograph Vintage Watch

Why choose a chronograph vintage watch?

Some common uses of chronograph watches today include precision timekeeping and speed or distance computations. Pilots commonly wear chronographs, as it offers them a way to make speed and distance calculations on the, ahem, fly, while healthcare workers use them to measure patient heartbeats.

What is a chronograph on a watch?

“Chronograph” literally translates as “time writer”, but it essentially means a stopwatch. The first chronographs used a pen to mark the time elapsed, but modern ones combine a stopwatch and standard display watch.

Why are chronograph vintage watches expensive?

Normal watches, on the other hand, are designed only to tell time. Many modern chronographs have a function of a stopwatch to display seconds, minutes, and hours. Chronographs are often more expensive watches than normal watches because of the additional features they offer.

What makes Chronograph special?

A chronograph watch is a traditional timepiece fitted with an extra complication to act as a stopwatch. A watch can come with one chronograph, usually two and even as much as three at once. These chronographs will be used to measure time (in real-time and relatively) to different levels of accuracy.

How accurate is a chronograph vintage watch?

Gravity, humidity, water, magnetism, lubrication within the movement, and general wear and tear can all have an effect on the vintage watch. No watch is 100% accurate, but there are standards to which chronometer certified watches adhere to: +6/-4 seconds per day.

Which is better a quartz or a chronograph watch?

Chronometer standards state that a watch must average a gain or loss of about five seconds per day over the course of ten days. Quartz watches generally gain or lose around half a second per day. Mechanical watches simply can’t compete with a quartz watch in terms of timekeeping.

Why are chronographs thick?

It should note you that most chronograph watches come in a larger size, both in thickness and width. This is because the side of the case comes with an additional pusher and a thicker movement because of its complicated mechanism. So we recommend you to try the watch directly before buying it.

What do the 3 dials on a chronograph vintage watch mean?

With a tri-compax, using three sub-dials, again one is the main seconds hand, the second is a chronograph minute counter and the third measures elapsed hours. As a general rule, bi-compax chronographs record for up to one hour, while tri-compax models can time up to 12 hours.

Why is it called chronograph?

The term ‘chronograph’ comes from the Greek words ‘chronos’ (time) and ‘graphein’ (to write). However, instead of literally writing time, a chronograph records or measures time. This function allows it to serve as both a timepiece and a stopwatch.