Nivada Vintage Watch Collection for sale - 23/05/2024

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Nivada Vintage Watches

What is a Nivada watch?

Nivada is a Swiss vintage style watch manufacturing company, founded in the town of Grenchen, Switzerland in 1879 by Jacob Schneider. The company gained attraction after World War II, producing a series of successful watches before succumbing to the Quartz crisis.

What is the history of Nivada watches?

Although some sources date the very beginnings of the Nivada Grenchen brand back to a small family-owned watchmaking workshop in 1879, what we know for sure is that in 1926, the brand began operating under the name Wülliman Schneider Nivada S.A. Established in Grenchen, Switzerland, home at the time to other well-known ...

What is the history of Nivada Antarctic Spider?

The Antarctic Spider stems from a crazy variation that Nivada produced in the 70's. Our current design stems from one of our devout followers who sent in pictures of his original Antarctic Spider through Instagram. We only had to take one look at the pictures before we were hyped up to re-release this unique model!