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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Automatic Vintage Watches

How does a vintage automatic watch work?

It is not necessary to wind the watch if you are not wearing it that day. These watches are rugged; do not be afraid of “overwinding”. Automatic or self-winding watches have a small rotating weight inside the movement which spins around when you move your arm and winds the spring which runs the watch.

How accurate should a vintage automatic watch be?

Vintage watches may be slightly less precise than modern timepieces. Your vintage watch should be accurate to within a minute or three per day.

Can you overwind a vintage automatic watch?

Can you Overwind Automatic Watches? Automatic watches cannot be overwound; they have an infinitely-slipping mainspring. The barrel walls are lined with a special “braking grease” and the mainspring uses a sliding bridle to push against the walls, yet still be able to slip.

What happens to an automatic watch if you don’t wear it?

It is likely because you’re not wearing or winding the watch enough. Automatic watches gain power from manually winding it, or from the automatic winding that occurs from your motion while you are active while wearing it. So simply put, if you’re not wearing it, your power reserve will run out.

How many years can an automatic watch last?

However, with proper care and maintenance, an automatic watch can last for many years and even decades. To help ensure the longevity of your automatic watch, there are a few things you can do: Keep the watch clean and dry.

Can you wear a vintage watch everyday?

We obsess over meters of water resistance and get pumped about shock resistance that means we can wear our watches every day. They are beaters; they rock. Vintage watches are, almost to a T, not beaters. “Vintage watches, I don’t recommend wearing them as everyday watches,”.

Is it OK to turn an automatic watch backwards?

The reason moving the time in reverse is harmful on mechanical watches is because the mechanisms are only designed to move forward, so reversing their movement can cause stress on the parts.

How long can an automatic watch last without movement?

Basically, most automatic watches could last for 30-70 hours without any winding at all. That way, it would still be fine to keep it in storage for 2 to 3 days. Beyond that hours, the watch will stop moving as its power reserve has run out of energy. But, it’s normal for an automatic watch to stop moving.

Should I wind my automatic watch everyday?

Overall, automatic watches are quite low maintenance especially for those with an active lifestyle. They rarely need to think about winding their timepiece. Even those with a desk job only need a few spins of the crown and enthusiasts with a few different instruments can purchase a watch winder to help.

How much time should a vintage watch lose per day?

Vintage timepieces may be slightly less accurate than modern watches. You should expect your vintage watch to keep time to within a minute or three per day. Remember, the watch may well be older than you; its performance won’t be perfect.

Do vintage watches increase in value?

“Older watches, known as vintage, are already increasing in value for many brands, whereas a more recent pre-owned watch will generally benefit a buyer by actually being cheaper than its RRP.

Should you wear an automatic watch to bed?

The question of whether automatic watches stop ticking at night has been a popular one for many years. The answer is yes, they do–but only if you don’t wear them to bed! Automatic watch movements are designed to run on the natural movement of your arm while wearing it.

Is it OK to leave an automatic watch unwound?

Specifically, it is safe to say that leaving your automatic watch unwound is perfectly OK. When you leave it unwound, you just need to rewind the watch if you want to wear it. When your automatic watch stops, it means that the mainspring becomes fully unwound.

How do you maintain an automatic watch?

To take care of your automatic watch:

  • Keep the watch away from moisture.
  • Keep it clean.
  • Have it serviced by a professional.
  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures.
  • Wear it regularly or store in a watch winder.
  • Don’t drop it.
  • Don’t place near strong magnets or electronics.

What to do when automatic watch stops?

If your automatic watch stops, manually wind it about 20-30 turns when you put it on. Don’t depend on the automatic winding to get your watch back up to power–that can take too long and still leave your watch low on reserves by the end of the day.